It's a carbon neutral recycling 'resource circulation' project

RIWA project is a high value-added recycling environment project using an unmanned plastic bottle recovery machine. It is a system that secures transparent plastic bottles, a high-quality recycled raw material, and compensates digital assets based on blockchain, and is a profit model that connects carbon practice in daily life with blockchain.


Business competitiveness

  • Systematic operation/

    Supports systematic operational services by professional companies.

  • discriminatory compensation

    We are proceeding with a system that rewards environmental points and blockchain points. (Blockchain-based incentives)

  • technical skills

    It boasts high technology to automatically crush flakes within transparent plastic bottle devices. (Large capacity storage / high speed)

  • Stable revenue generation

    It has a variety of additional profits. (Kiosk Advertising/Flake Revenue, etc.)

  • citizen-led

    It is operated in the direction of purchasing personal equipment and participating in the recycling business of recycling resources.

  • Free device rental

    It is operated with low-cost investment and low-risk items.

  • Scalability

    Looking at the growth potential of the renewable raw material market, we will make it mandatory to separate and discharge transparent PET bottles and implement a carbon neutral practice point system.

  • Economic feasibility

    Supports high-quality, high-value cycles.

  • Recycled resource collection/


    Recycled resource input/
    User compensation

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  • Retrieve/Transport


    High purity, high quality
    Recycled resource, Transport

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  • our own factory transportation


    Recycled resource manufacturing/regeneration
    /Selling to a business

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  • It creates new resources


    production of recycled products


RIWA it's the carbon-reducing effect of a resource collector

Recycling 30 million PET bottles (when installing 1000 units)
About 3,200 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction effect_50,000 pine trees planting effect